Jessica and Christian gathered all of their friends and family together to enjoy their wedding day in Utah! We had such a BLAST photographing their beautiful day. Their daughter was SO excited for them and was the cutest thing on the dance floor! One of my favorite things that Jessica did when she got to Sleepy Ridge was taking some getting ready shots in the Sunset bridal room. She had her daughter come in first to see her dress and OH MY GOODNESS was her little reaction so adorable!

      After everyone was ready we all headed outside to witness the beautiful ceremony between Jessica and Christian. It was a beautiful Summer day at Sleepy Ridge and the gazebo looked stunning! Nannette always does an amazing job with the florals! Don’t even get me started on their vows…. Seriously makes me cry every time I listen to any vows exchanged. Even though it was mid-day, we got some great images with the harsh lighting! My BEST TIP for any weddings taking place in the Summer outside is to think about positioning! Go to your venue beforehand and see where shadows may fall! At Sleepyridge I ALWAYS recommend to my brides and grooms to stand out of the gazebo! That way there are no harsh shadows and even harsh light. Trust me on this one!

      When the ceremony ended we went to the front of Sleepy Ridge, the best place to take pictures midday in my opinion, and we captured the group photos. This can sometimes be so time consuming but starting with the largest groups first and working down to smaller groups makes it go SO much faster. Also always keeping in mind of those guests who are elderly or have any type of disability is important because you want them to be able to get their images done first so they are not waiting around forever.These pictures went fast and we were onto the bridals/formals around the Sleepy Ridge golf course.

      One of the best-kept secrets is where the beautiful Willow tree is! Some other photographers have found it, but there are MANY willow trees it’s so hard to find this one! Well… the best willow tree is right behind the houses seen in front of Sleepy Ridge! The branches are always so long which makes this tree just perfect! Here is another one of my favorite Summer weddings that showcases more images of that special tree!

      After the beautiful pictures, we headed inside for food and then the dance floor! Another tip is to book a DJ! They make a total difference for your wedding! I always recommend my good friend Cooper! He is extremely professional and always makes the dance floor a total party!

      Mother and daughter getting ready for the wedding in Utah
      Young daughter looking at her mom's dress hanging in window at Sleepy Ridge in Vineyard Utah
      Getting ready images in the Sunset Bridal Room at Sleepy Ridge wedding Venue in Orem, Utah

      Getting ready images are some of my favorites to capture on wedding days. Sleepy Ridge has TWO beautiful bridal rooms! These were taken in the Sunset Room, which has lots of natural light and the perfect location to hang your wedding dress.

      Bridesmaids seeing bride in dress for the first time at Sleepy Ridge
      Getting ready images in Sunset Room at Sleepy Ridge in Orem Utah
      Sunset Room picture at Sleepy Ridge

      These images showcase the beautiful Sleepy Ridge Sunset Room so well! Added greenery around the lights makes such a difference!

      Sunset Room at Sleepy Ridge in Vineyard Utah
      Sunset Room Summer wedding at Sleepy Ridge in Orem Utah
      Bride walking down aisle at her Sleepy Ridge wedding in Vineyard Utah
      Bride and Father walking down the aisle at Sleepy Ridge in Orem Utah
      Wedding ceremony outside at Sleepy Ridge Wedding Venue in Vineyard Utah
      Gazebo ceremony at Sleepy Ridge
      Wedding Ceremony outside of the Garden Room at Sleepy Ridge
      Family pictures outside of Sleepy Ridge
      Bride and her dad kissing her cheek
      Bride and Groom Kissing while wedding party cheers!
      Wedding Party photo at Sleepy Ridge Wedding Venue
      Groom and groomsmen outside of Sleepy Ridge
      Wedding Party pictures of bridesmaids at Sleepy Ridge
      Bridesmaids wearing light blue dresses at wedding in Utah
      Bride and her best friends at wedding in Utah
      Bride with her bridesmaids who are wearing blue dresses
      Bride and groom under the willow tree at Sleepy Ridge
      Bride holding flowers made by Nannette York Floral at Sleepy Ridge
      Bridal pictures under willow tree at Sleepy Ridge Wedding Venue
      Groom watch for wedding detail shots
      Bride and Groom photos under willow tree at Sleepy Ridge
      Black and White image of couple under the willow tree at SR wedding Venue in Vineyard Utah
      Bride and Groom pictures near willow tree at Sleepy Ridge wedding venue
      Bride and groom riding in golf cart at the Link of Sleepy Ridge
      Bride and Groom posing in front of the Sleepy Ridge Wedding Venue
      Wedding party at Sleepy Ridge
      Bride and Groom wedding at Sleepy Ridge Wedding Venue
      Bride and Groom in the Sunset Room at Sleepy Ridge
      Sleepy Ridge Sunset Room Mantle
      Bride and Groom dancing at their wedding in Utah
      Bride and Groom dancing at Sleepy Ridge
      Groom dancing with his mom at Vineyard wedding Venue
      Bride dancing with her dad in the Sunset Room
      Open bar at Sleepy Ridge
      Sparkler exit at Sleepy Ridge Wedding Venue in Orem Utah
      Thank you sign held by Bride and Groom in Utah