Storytelling wedding photographers based in Boise, ID & Salt Lake City,UT.


      On a beautiful December morning, I said yes to forever with my best friend. My wedding day felt like a dream come true, and just like a dream, it went by too fast. One moment I was rushing to finish my makeup, and the next thing I knew my husband was swooping me off the floor to carry me into our hotel room. I planned for months every single detail with my mom. I wanted the decor to look perfect, the food to taste great, and most importantly I wanted all of our loved ones to enjoy and celebrate each moment with us. The problem with all those details is that they were all temporary.  The decor came down, the food was devoured(except we had leftover cake for DAYS lol), and after dancing the night away, all our guests went home.  So how could I make this fairytale continue on for the rest of my life? Photographs.  This is EXACTLY why I do what I do.