The Bonneville Salt Flats is ALWAYS worth the drive for your Engagements! It’s even better when you go at sunset! Just look at the BEAUTIFUL cotton candy-colored sky! These are just a few of the images but LOOK how stunning all of their outfits are. When you choose a clean location like this posing and your clothing choice is SO important for your engagements! You will stand out even more in clean locations because the background is not busy so picking the right outfit(or many) is essential.

      On Pinterest, we have a few boards that help you nail down the types of clothing you may like in these locations. Click HERE to view those boards!

      Or if you want to see some outfits another couple wore there click HERE!

      Bonneville Salt Flats Engagement shoot
      Bonneville Salt Flats Engagement shoot, Clean engagements
      Modern Engagement session at Bonneville Salt Flats Utah
      Cute couple posing at Bonneville Salt Flats

      Also in case you were wondering, the ground is very hard. So walking in heels is not difficult to do here! Just be careful to avoid wearing heels when the salt melts and there is a ton of water!

      Simplistic outfits to wear at your engagement session
      Bonneville Salt Flats Engagement shoot
      Adorable couple at Bonneville Salt Flats

      Taking a formal outfit to your engagements is such a great idea at the Salt Flats!

      Formal attire to wear at your engagement session
      Black and white engagement outfits
      couple kissing at the Bonneville Salt Flats
      Modern engagement session in Utah


      Cotton candy engagement shoot
      Spinning couples pose
      beautiful sky engagement session

      So PLEASE consider taking your pictures at the Salt Flats. Or at least go visit this stunning location if you are ever in Utah. Trust me you will never regret going here!