Bonneville Salt Flats | Engagements

I can’t say this enough…. the Salt Flats is definitely worth the drive! We arrived an hour before sunset so we could play with the bright light! Even though it is all white thanks to the salt, the pictures still turned out vibrant and full of color! One thing we learned when taking their pictures is that the salt does NOT taste as good as it looks LOL. Seriously don’t do it. Even if you lose a bet as I did haha!

One thing you can’t even tell is how many people were there! During the Summer the Salt Flats gets pretty busy. TONS of people and other photographers travel to this beautiful location to take pictures. Despite the number of people there we still were able to find SO many spots to avoid the crowds. Plus a little photoshop always does the job to get rid of lil’ humans in the background. If you are planning on going out to the Salt Flats I highly recommend going early so you can get beautiful images with the full sun but also a STUNNING sunset picture too!

One of my personal favorites!