This Aspen Tree Bridal session was well worth the drive! If you haven’t had a chance to go up Provo Canyon in the summer… DO IT! If you drive past Aspen grove you’ll find this GORGEOUS field of Aspen trees that is such a perfect place to take your bridals! BUT you have to go at the beginning of the summer because the heat kills the grass and the massive green plants quickly! So May and June are the BEST months to go up there if you want a VERY green look. Seriously it reminded me of Ireland! I love it up there in the summer!

      Also for this aspen tree bridal session, I edited a TON of black and white images! Not because I didn’t love the color but because the light coming through the trees was just too pretty not to turn the image to black and white! I always give my brides and grooms a copy in color and in black and white:)

      Click HERE to view another one of my favorite locations!

      Black and white picture of bride and groom walking in mountains
      Bride and groom kissing in the green mountains
      Aspen tree bridals and wedding photos
      Summer bridals in provo canyo, utah
      Bride detail shot of her wedding ring
      Aspen tree bridals

      WHAT A COOL DETAIL! I wish I would have seen this for my own wedding!

      Tux embroidery wedding photography
      Groom portraits and pictures in the mountains near trees
      Bride and groom in mountains near aspen tree for their bridals
      Eskimo kisses in the mountains for their aspen tree bridals
      Bride and groom kissing near Aspen trees for their bridals
      Bride and groom walking
      Aspen Tree bridals veil shot
      Wedding pictures in Provo utah

      Like I said… A LOT of black and white images! I just love them so much!