Tunnel Springs is such a perfect spot to take your engagements in the Summer! The grass is so vibrant green it’ll make you feel like you’re in IRELAND! NO JOKE! Our lead photographer photographed this beautiful Engagement session. The session started a few hours before sunset. That may sound crazy to some photographers but we love it! It’s always so much fun to play with Harsh lighting because it adds a lot of COLOR to the images!

      If you want to avoid harsh light at Tunnel Springs, you should plan on going there either Sunrise or 30 mins before sunset. You also can find plenty of spots, as seen, that have shaded areas too!

      You can download an app called Sun Seeker if you click HERE! This app helps you see where the sun will be at a specific time! It’s a great app that helps me plan all of our engagement sessions. This location is honestly beautiful at any time! However, if you want to avoid the crowds I suggest you going mid-day!

      Click HERE if you would like to see another similar location we love!

      Couple smiling at camera for their engagement session in Salt Lake City Utah
      Engagement session at Tunnel Springs
      Couple snuggling near Utah Lake
      Couple walking around Tunnel Springs near Salt Lake City, Utah
      Bride and Groom dancing at Tunnel Springs in Utah
      Black and White image of couple walking away together
      unique camera angle with birds flying in the sky
      Vibrant green hills for Engagement pictures in Salt Lake City, Utah
      Rolling hills engagement pictures in Utah
      Couple kissing at Tunnel springs for their engagement photos
      Couple smiling while holding hands for Engagement photos
      Couple laying down in tall grass for pictures
      Tunnel Springs Engagement Session in SLC, Utah
      Couple walking and then kissing for pictures
      Engagement photos with the groom wearing a blue shirt and the bride wearing a white shirt
      Cute couple posing close together
      Tunnel Springs Engagement Session in SLC, Utah