If you haven’t seen the Orion Event Venue in Lindon Utah here is a gorgeous Winter wedding to showcase how stunning this space is! The space has a room for the bride and her guests to get ready for the ceremony. She looked absolutely stunning and the moment she put on her dress she looked like a real-life princess.

      Mom was a tad emotional as she walked her son down the aisle. Her gown was beautifully embellished and perfect for this tender moment between mother and son.

      Again the drapery was great for not only the ceremony but made it easy to capture beautiful group pictures as well.

      Keep scrolling through the images to see how these two incorporated multiple elements of his passion for cars!

      Our sweet bride danced along side her Brother as well as her Mother. Weddings always tug at my heartstrings!

      These two were so adorable as they danced together. I get emotional just thinking about the day I will be dancing with my son “one last time” before I hand him off to his spouse. Such a sweet and tender moment to share.

      If any Grooms are looking for a creative way to get the garter here’s one! Roll up on a mechanic board, bring your tools and walaaaa you no have the garter! Hahaha this was the first time we had ever seen this happen and we couldn’t stop laughing! The guests especially thought it was hilarious.

      One of my FAVORITE parts of their wedding was when Samantha changed into a second wedding dress. This is a beautifully embellished Indian wedding dress. The details were GORGEOUS and looked amazing as she danced on the dance floor!

      Sparkler send offs are a MUST but even more so when you have an amazing “get away” car!