The Salt Flats look like you traveled to the moon. Another planet that is just absolutely stunning. Utah really does have so many beautiful locations to take pictures at. However, The Bonneville Salt Flats will always be one of my favorites. Whether, you are wanting to take engagements, bridals, senior or family pictures it is a phenomenal location to do so. Or even better… To hold your ceremony there.

      Just imagine, having all of your loved ones travel to this magical place. Clear chairs and simple floral arrangements are the only decorations you really need. The wind is sweeping your dress slightly in the air as you exchange your commitment of love to your forever and always. A tear falls down their face and everyone cheers as you share your first kiss as a married couple! Magical right?

      M+C knew they wanted to travel to the Salt flats and I was SO excited when they asked if they could take their bridals there! Even though it was EXTREMELY windy that day we captured some of my all-time favorite pictures that day. Can’t you see how much they adore one another? These images truly captured a piece of their love story.

      Now if you are wondering where she got her gorgeous dress… You too can rent it just as she did! Click HERE to view where she rented her dress and veil from!

      Groom getting a first look of his bride at the Salt Flats in Utah
      Bride and groom kissing at the bonneville Salt Flats in Utah
      Summer pictures at the Salt Flats near Salt Lake City
      Bride holding veil at the Boneville Salt Flats
      Groom Detail shot of his cufflinks at the Salt Flats
      Veil swooping in the wind at the Salt Flats
      Bride and groom walking towards the sunset at the Salt Flats
      Bride smiling at camera at the bonneville Salt Flats
      Groom dipping the bride for a quick kiss near Salt Lake city Salt Flats
      Black and White image of boho bride and groom at the Salt Flats

      Okay, I can’t even with these two. Just look at the way he makes her smile!

      Bride and groom embracing at the Utah Bonneville Salt Flats in the summer
      Portrait of bride and groom at the Salt Flats in Utah
      Groom swooping bride off her feet at the Salt Flats near Bonneville Utah
      Cotton Candy sky at the Salt Flats
      Bride and groom smiling for a portrait at the Salt Flats in Utah
      Utah salt flats with bride and groom kissing
      Cotton candy sky at the salt flats in Utah