We LOVE when our brides and grooms take time to get some special pictures of just the two of them in their wedding attire at the SLC Temple. The temple grounds are always so beautiful and waking up early to photograph these images was totally worth it! Usually, the temple grounds can be busy but if you go early enough you’ll see less of a crowd (unless it’s a weekend in the summer… It’s always busy that time of year).

      Fun fact… Ivet’s Wedding dress cost her only $250!!! It looks stunning on her right!

      Wedding Ring detail shot on Wedding Dress
      Bride and groom at the SLC Temple
      SLC Temple Wedding Formals
      Downtown SLC wedding pictures

      The flower beds are always a great choice when finding spots to take pictures at the SLC temple!

      SLC Temple Bride and Groom Portraits

      We also love getting pictures of the bride and groom individually. It’s fun to have placement photos like these, especially to add to your wedding day album!

      Groom kissing bride at the SLC Temple
      SLC Temple wedding
      Groom wedding ring

      We know that a majority of the day can sometimes be focused on the bride but it is SO important to also capture the groom. Little details like these truly tell the wedding day story perfectly!

      SLC Temple wedding Bride and Groom
      Bride and Groom at the SLC Temple
      Slc Temple steps

      If you have any questions about the location of these spots feel free to contact us HERE! We love to help out any Bride/Groom or even photographer! xo-C