Maternity Pictures with Family | Lubbock, TX

Family posing by stream in Lubbock Texas

This sweet family wanted to take pictures one last time as a family of four. These two boys are about to have a baby sister!!! It was so much fun capturing tender moments with the family as well as getting some maternity pictures. The willow trees always make the pictures look extra dreamy. Lubbock has many around town but this is one of my favorite spots because of the stream nearby!

Mom posing for maternity pictures in West texas
Family pictures in Lubbock texas near a willow tress
Son hugging mom in Lubbock Texas near Texas Tech university
Family standing by willow tree in Lubbock Texas
Brothers hugging each other in Lubbock Texas near a willow tree
Portraits of sons in West Texas
Husband and wife posing for maternity pictures in Lubbock Texas
Son snuggling mom near Texas Tech
Mom holding baby girl shoes for maternity picture in Lubbock Texas