Bridals at Jordan Pines Utah

      Taking your bridals at Jordan Pines Campground is a total must in my opinion! Especially if you go in the Fall! The colors always look so vibrant and beautiful against the mountainside! These pictures made me think of the song YELLOW by Coldplay. This is exactly why I love this location so much! SO much color and a wide variety of spots to go take pictures. It is however best to go during the week and if at all possible during the day! Photographers flock to this location year-round!

      Click HERE to view pictures from their wedding day!

      Bride and groom posing for pictures in utah
      Bride and groom photos on their wedding day in Utah
      Bride and groom looking at each other at Jordan Pines Campground

      If you can’t already tell these two were smiling the entire time! So in love! Which makes our job as photographers so fun!

      Bridals at Jordan Pines campground near Salt lake city Utah
      Bride and Groom holding hands
      Bride and groom about to kiss on their wedding day
      Wedding flowers in the mountains
      Bride and groom smiling at the camera at Jordan pines
      Bridals at Jordan pines

      You can’t take bridals at Jordan Pines without getting just a few of the gorgeous bride! Becca’s veil and bouquet looked amazing with her detailed dress! This is why we always try to capture those small details during our shoots.

      Groom detail photos
      Bride and groom smiling at each other
      Bride and groom snuggling for photos
      Close up of bride and groom at Jordan Pines Campground in Utah Mountains