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How to Organize an Baby Photography Studio

Spring break means spring cleaning right? I went to visit my mom in DFW, Texas and we decided to tackle her studio room. She has been doing baby photography ever since I can remember! So over 18 years her props, baby wraps, fur blankets, etc accumulated to the point that it took up too much space. While working on her studio we found new ways to store her paper backdrops and fur blankets/wraps. We took her old shelving and simply turned it on its side so we could place each backdrop inside. This made it easy for her to keep each backdrop safe and less likely to wrinkle. For the fur blankets/wraps, we took out a section of the shelving to add room for all of them to be hung. We purchased the hangers at Walmart for $1.98 (18 hangers in a pack). The project didn’t cost too much since we already had the shelving and configured a way to use them proficiently. I know I normally do not post DIY’s (WHICH IS WHY THE IMAGES BELOW WERE FROM MY PHONE AND NOT MY CAMERA…haha I didn’t think I would post these) However, I knew there must be other photographers out there looking for creative ways to use what they already have to create a better system for storing their props. So hopefully this helped someone! If you have any questions or want advice on your studio comment below or send me an email! xoxo -Ciara

The images are all from my phone:

organize, studio props, baby photography, baby studio
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