Extended family session in idaho falls idaho

      Extended family sessions are some of my favorites to capture each year. We only can take on so many with all the weddings we do each year but during the spring and fall we LOVE to capture family portraits! These were taken in the fall and WOW just look at all the vibrant colors.

      With extended family sessions, we usually start with the large group photos first and then break into the individual families. We also usually start with the families who have little running around. Trust me… as a mama, I know how crazy toddlers and babies can be during pictures. Bribing them with candy, ice cream, or stickers haha! BUT… the end result is always worth it though! I promise! Doing this allows us to quickly capture all of the images and leave the kiddos happy by the end of the extended family session.

      One of the BEST tips I have for family sessions is to BRING EXTRA CLOTHES! Even if that means buying duplicates of the clothing they are going to wear! I can’t tell you how many times I have seen little boys running straight for mud… or how babies always know that the best time to have a blowout is in mom’s arms… I have seen it all haha! So bringing back-up clothes is KEY to surviving a family session! Especially an extended family session!

      Family pictures in the fall in Idaho Falls
      Boys smiling for the camera during their extended family session in Idaho
      Family pictures in Idaho falls
      Brown eyed boys in Idaho Falls
      Boy siblings holding hands in Idaho falls for their extended family session
      Mom and dad kissing near fall leaves
      Best Fall outfits for your family session
      Family session posing for extended families
      Fall family pictures in Idaho falls
      Top posing prompts for family pictures in Idaho Falls
      Little baby holding mom and dad's hands while walking
      Cute extended family pictures in the fall
      Engaged couple walking towards the camera. Best prompts for engagement pictures
      Couple smiling at each other under fall leaves
      Couple walking towards camera
      Extended family session in Idaho falls

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