My husband and I made a trip out to Oregon in August because we wanted to visit Cannon Beach. While there, we fell in LOVE with all the beautiful scenery & tasty food! & If you are a foodie like me you have to visit both Voodoo donuts in Portland and the Tillamook factory for some cheese curds and ice cream! Just imagine eating delicious food while relaxing on the beach, how nice right?!

      When we went to Cannon Beach it was very stormy and overcast. I met the CUTEST couple from Canada and knew they had to model for me! I mean they were dressed for the part! Haha. We spent 20 mins running around the beach capturing as many fun photos as we could! Now, my husband and I want to go back and take our lil’ baby boy to the ocean so badly!

      Cannon Beach engagement session
      Cannon Beach engagement session
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      Cannon Beach engagements
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      How awesome is it that the sun came out for a few mins so we could capture the beautiful blue sky that was hidden behind the stormy clouds!

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      Running on the beach
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      My ABSOLUTE favorite image! I love it when my couples trust me with posing and prompts! The pictures always turn out beautifully!

      Beach bride and groom