The Boise Train Depot is a GREAT place to take pictures year-round. Winter can be a difficult time to take your Engagements in Boise but TRUST me this location is absolutely amazinggggg!!!! It’s one of the many spots in Boise I recommend to my brides and grooms! The waterfall sometimes will freeze over in the Winter but it makes a beautiful background! The Train depot is beautiful and a very popular location for actual weddings and receptions!

      In the summer there is a variety of colors but in the winter the white building and scenery give off a more subtle neutral-toned look. These two picked the most perfect outfit to match their surroundings! Click HERE for a sneak peek into what the summer looks like! I am currently working on my top locations in Boise for Winter Engagements! As soon as I have that up I will link that HERE! Until then here are a few of my favorite Vendors in the area that will help prepare you for your wedding day!



      Couple smiling near waterfall at the Boise Train Depot

      Just look how beautiful that waterfall behind them is! This is the perfect spot to capture both the waterfall and the Train Depot behind them!

      Engagement pictures near the waterfall at the Train depot in Boise
      Engagement photos on step at the Boise Train Depot
      Wrapped arms pose for engagement session in Boise, Idaho.
      Black and white image of a couple for their engagement session in Boise, Idaho

      This is probably one of my favorite poses to do with my couples! I loved turning it black and white to add to the feeling portrayed in the image!

      Winter Engagement session of couple at the Boise Train depot in Idaho
      Piggy back ride pose of couple for their engagement photos
      Close up of bride and groom at the Boise Train Depot. Boise Winter Engagement session.
      Couple smiling for their engagement photos at the Train depot in Boise

      You can’t visit the Train Depot without getting pictures taken by it! They picked the perfect neutral outfits that helped them pop with the black behind them!

      Winter Engagement photos near the black train at the Boise train depot.
      Black and white image of couple at the Boise Train Depot
      Couple sitting at the boise train depot for their engagement session.
      Black and white image of couple at the Boise Train depot for Winter Engagements