Maternity Pictures taken in Boise Idaho near the Foothills by the Military reserve. Woman wearing a black maternity dress.

      The Boise Foothills is such a popular place to take Maternity Pictures! Honestly, it’s a great location to take any type of pictures. It has such a great variety of spots that will give you so many different looks in one place! The only thing you have to watch out for is all the bikers. If you like to ride your bike this is the PERFECT place to go, the trails here are amazing! When driving up to this location you’ll see all the beautiful rolling hills. This is where we took the second half of her pictures! The grass is pretty tall and looks gorgeous in pictures.

      If you want to wear heels like this mom, make sure to bring a second pair of shoes to walk around in. A second pair makes it super easy to get around and you’ll never see them in the pictures! If you prefer a location that is easier to walk around I suggest taking your pictures outside the Scentsy building in Meridian. Click HERE to view a session there!

      Summer Maternity Picture in Boise Idaho near the Foothills by the Military Reserve. Black and yellow maternity dress on pregnant woman.
      Cute poses for pregnant women for maternity pictures.
      Boho maternity pictures in Boise, Idaho near the military reserve.
      Maternity Pictures taken in Boise Idaho foothills

      This wispy grass makes taking maternity pictures at the Boise Foothills SO great! Just look how soft and creamy the grass looks when zooming into the picture for a close up!

      I also love how this mama added a cute hat to give her pictures more variety! This is why wearing a black maternity dress can be perfect for your pictures! You can easily add different cardigans or accessories to change up the images.

      pregnant woman wearing a black maternity dress in Idaho.