Antelope Island Bridals

Bride and groom taking pictures at Ladyfinger Point at Antelope Island in Utah

Antelope Island is one of my favorite places to take pictures in Utah! It has a variety of locations all within walking distance! A few fair warnings though, during the Summer make SURE to use bug spray and watch where you walk! There are TONS of spiders! These two heard me scream a few too many times haha! However, it is still SO worth it because the images always turn out so beautiful here!

Haley and Jacob traveled from Idaho to capture their bridals! Haley’s gorgeous dress is from The Perfect Dress Utah, You can visit their site by clicking HERE! Fun fact about her bouquet, SHE MADE IT HERSELF! She got all the flowers from Trader Joe’s!

We took all the pictures at Ladyfinger point. You can also go to the shore and capture pictures that look like the OCEAN! We didn’t want to get her dress too dirty so we avoided that spot but it is one of my FAVORITES! If you haven’t been to Antelope Island yet, you should go on a Saturday and just explore! Or better go take your engagements or bridals/formals there!

If you have any questions about time of day to go or other favorite spots feel free to leave a comment of message me!

Click HERE to view their wedding day pictures!

Bride and groom pictures of them kissing near rocks at Antelope Island
Antelope Island pictures of bride and groom near rocks and island
Groom details shots at Antelope Island in  Slc, Utah
Bride's pictures of her holding wedding bouquet looking off in the distance near rocky background in Utah
Bride and Groom walking on beach at Antelope island. Rock in the background
Sunset with the Bride and Groom about to kiss at Antelope island, Ladyfinger point, Utah
Bride and groom pictures at Ladyfinger Point at Antelope Island, Utah.
Sunburst behind the bride and groom. Groom holding onto the brides waist and snuggling close for pictures in SLC, Utah.
Groom tickling bride with his nose making her laugh for the wedding pictures in Utah
Bride and Groom running towards wedding photographer at Antelope Island
Heel pop kiss. Bride and groom kissing on their wedding day. Bride and groom portraits. Creative poses at Antelope Island
Bride and groom sitting on a rock snuggling at Lady finger point on Antelope island in Utah near SLC